Latino Meal Pack

Latino Meal Pack

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Introducing our Latino Meal Pack, a culinary journey that brings the vibrant and delicious tastes of Latin America right to your table. 

Unleash the flavours of Latin America in your own kitchen. It's not just a meal pack, it's a celebration of taste, culture and the joy of savouring life's delicious moments.

This Pack includes:

  • Inca Kola - Peruvian soda 355ml
  • Guarana Antarctica - Brazilian soda 330ml
  • Maltin Polar - Venezuelan Malt Soft Drink 355ml
  • Tortolines Sweet Plantain Chips 70g
  • La Tortilleria White Corn Chips (Totopos) 200g
  • Carey Green Sauce (Salsa Verde) 345g
  • Fuego Verde Hearts of Palm (Palmitos) 400g
  • La Parmesana Chimichurri Sauce 300ml

Country of Origin: Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela & Argentina