Our Story

From the very beginning...


Just like many stories out there in Australia, this one is also about immigrants (shocking, right?!).

My husband and myself have both been raised in Buenos Aires (Argentina) but it wasn't until 2013 that we decided to fulfil the one at the top of our bucket list: to live in another country. So once our visa was granted, we flew to Melbourne following that dream.

It was hard at the beginning but once those first bumps were sorted we decided to launch the Hispanic Pantry project, aiming to share our knowledge (and point of view) about the Hispanic culture through its amazing cuisine.
We've been quite blessed in our lives, and had the chance to travel extensively: learning a bit about the culture of the country we were visiting, their native costumes, and tasting some incredible dishes and flavours we hope to share with you.
This is our way to express our gratitude, not only with this beautiful country we call home now, but also to all the magnificent people we bumped into along the journey.
Hope you are ready to be challenged, to keep your mind wide open and above all, keen to try and learn a few new things.
Aqui vamos!!