Dried Chillie Mulato 100g Chillies Poblano

Dried Chillie Mulato 100g

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The Mulato Chillie is a mild to medium dried Poblano pepper, similar to the Ancho, but with a slightly different flavour. Both are green while growing, but while the Ancho pepper is a Poblano pepper that ripens to a deep red, the Mulato pepper is a Poblano that ripens to a dark brown colour, then dried. 

Unlike many Mexican chillies, this pepper is actually ranked very low on the heat scale – most people can eat mulato peppers like banana or bell peppers and not experience too much of a heat boost.

The chillie Mulato is probably most famously used in Mole sauce, a savoury chocolate sauce that is spiced up by mulatos and a few other varieties of peppers.

Brand: Poblano 

Country of Origin: Mexico

Net Weight: 100g