Dried Chillie Morita 100g Chillies Poblano

Dried Chillie Morita 100g

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Dried Morita chillie peppers are a variety of chillies that are almost synonymous with Chipotles. They are a red-ripe jalapeno pepper that has been smoked, but the main difference is that dried Morita chillie pepper is smoked for less time, leaving it softer and retaining a modest fruity flavour. They are sometimes called Blackberry chillie, Chipotle Colorado, Mora or Black Dash red chillie.

The smoky flavour of Morita makes them perfectly interchangeable with Chipotles. They are the preferred chillie for making salsa seca, or “dry salsa”, a condiment similar to gremolata. Combine fried peanuts, sesame seeds and garlic with the toasted dried Mortitas and season with salt and lime. The smoky and nutty salsa compliments rich fatty meats, especially those that have been braised and benefit from the added textural element.

Brand: Poblano

Country of Origin: Mexico

Net Weight: 100g