El Yucateco Seafood Red (Marisquera) Hot Sauce 150ml

El Yucateco Seafood Red (Marisquera) Hot Sauce 150ml

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Dive into a sea of flavour with El Yucateco Seafood Red (Marisquera) Hot Sauce. This hot sauce is specially crafted to enhance your seafood dishes, blending a rich mix of flavours that perfectly complements the natural taste of the ocean's bounty. With a unique recipe that balances heat and savoury notes, this hot sauce is an essential addition for seafood lovers.

El Yucateco is renowned for its dedication to quality, ensuring that every bottle is packed with premium ingredients and authentic Mexican flavour. The Marisquera Hot Sauce combines the fiery zest of red habanero peppers with a savoury blend of spices, creating a vibrant and delicious sauce that pairs beautifully with shrimp, fish, oysters and more.

Whether you're adding a splash to your ceviche, drizzling over grilled seafood or mixing into your favourite seafood stew, El Yucateco Seafood Red (Marisquera) Hot Sauce brings an irresistible depth of flavour to every bite.

Brand: El Yucateco

Country of Origin: Mexico

Net Weight: 150ml