El Yucateco Seafood Black (Marisquera) Hot Sauce 150ml

El Yucateco Seafood Black (Marisquera) Hot Sauce 150ml

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Transform your seafood dishes with the deep, smoky allure of El Yucateco Seafood Black (Marisquera) Hot Sauce. This hot sauce delivers a unique blend of robust flavours that perfectly complement the delicate taste of your favourite seafood. With a distinctive recipe that balances smoky heat and rich spices, this hot sauce is an essential ingredient for culinary enthusiasts and seafood aficionados alike.

El Yucateco is known for its commitment to quality, ensuring each bottle is packed with the finest ingredients and authentic Mexican flavours. The Marisquera Black Hot Sauce combines the intense heat of blackened habanero peppers with a savoury blend of spices, creating a sauce that enhances shrimp, fish, clams and more with its bold and complex profile.

Whether you're adding a dash to your seafood pasta, marinating your grilled catch or drizzling over a fresh seafood platter, El Yucateco Seafood Black (Marisquera) Hot Sauce adds an irresistible depth and smoky heat to every bite!

Brand: El Yucateco

Country of Origin: Mexico

Net Weight: 150ml