Unwrapping sweet memories for Valentine's Day: the rich history of Bon o Bon

Unwrapping sweet memories for Valentine's Day: the rich history of Bon o Bon

Bon o Bon, with its delightful combination of crispy wafer, creamy filling and a chocolatey coating, has become a beloved treat for many around the world. This iconic confection has a fascinating history that stretches back decades, filled with innovation, passion and a commitment to crafting exceptional sweets. 


Bon o Bon

The Origins:

The story of Bon o Bon begins in Argentina, where in the 1970s, the iconic chocolate brand Arcor set out on a mission to create a unique and irresistible treat. The goal was to combine the finest ingredients to produce a delightful confection that would captivate the taste buds of chocolate enthusiasts everywhere.

The Brand's Commitment:

Bon o Bon quickly gained popularity in Argentina and beyond, winning the hearts of consumers with its distinctive taste and unique format. The brand's commitment to quality and consistency played a crucial role in establishing Bon o Bon as a household name, synonymous with indulgence and joy.

Global Expansion:

The success of Bon o Bon in Argentina paved the way for its global expansion. With a growing fan base and an increasing demand for these delightful treats, Bon o Bon found its way into international markets, captivating chocolate lovers around the world. Today, it stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of well-crafted confections.

Cultural Impact:

Beyond its delectable taste, Bon o Bon has become woven into the cultural fabric of celebrations and everyday indulgences. Whether shared among friends, gifted on special occasions, or enjoyed as a personal treat, Bon o Bon has created sweet moments and memories for generations.

Semana de la Dulzura, a Celebration of Sweetness:

Thanks to Bon o Bon, the creation in Argentina of the so-called Week of Sweetness was promoted, which begins on July 1 and ends on July 7 of each year and in which, during those 7 days, a candy is exchanged for a kiss. Originally, Bon o Bons were exchanged for a kiss, but today it has been extended to any lolly of any gender.

As we unwrap the rich history of Bon o Bon, it becomes evident that this iconic chocolate confection is not just a treat for the taste buds but a symbol of innovation, quality and the joy of sharing. With each bite, Bon o Bon continues to delight chocolate enthusiasts, reminding us that some sweets are not just confections – they are cherished pieces of history. Have you tried them yet?

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