Cepera Dende Oil (Azeite de Dende) 900ml Miscellaneous Cepera

Cepera Dende Oil (Azeite de Dende) 900ml

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Cepera Azeite de Dende is a high-quality, flavourful oil that is widely used in Brazilian cuisine. Made from the fruit of the palm tree, this rich and vibrant oil has a distinctive reddish-orange color and a bold, smoky flavour that is essential for many traditional Brazilian dishes.

This oil is a staple ingredient in Brazilian cuisine, particularly in the northeastern region of the country, where it is used to add depth and complexity to dishes like moqueca and acarajé. Cepera Azeite de Dende is made using traditional methods, ensuring that it maintains its full flavour and nutritional benefits.

In addition to its delicious taste, Cepera Azeite de Dende is also packed with nutrients. It is a rich source of vitamins A and E, as well as essential fatty acids that are important for maintaining good health.

Whether you are a seasoned Brazilian cook or just looking to add some new flavours to your kitchen, Cepera Azeite de Dende is an excellent choice. Its bold, smoky flavour and rich nutritional profile make it a versatile and delicious addition to any kitchen.

Brand: Cepera

Country of Origin: Brazil

Net Weight: 900ml